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Guest Blog Post by Natacha! (@tachas_nails)

Hi guys!

My name is Natacha from Tacha’s Nails on Instagram, I am super excited to be doing a guest post here in the Snail Vinyls blog. If you follow my Instagram you know I use Snail Vinyls on almost every mani and you can probably tell I have a thing for accent nails. Well when deciding what to do for this post I knew I should stay true to what I love to do.


I did a mix and match neon mani using the small whirlpool vinyls, the flower decals and the bubble stencil. I also used three different neons a white polish, a glitter polish, a fast drying top coat, a makeup sponge and a dotting tool. I also always use a cleanup brush with acetone and to keep my cuticles moisturized I use some cuticle oil.



To create this look I first painted my nails in white, I also top coated my index and pinky. While waiting for those to dry I painted different spots on my ring finger with the three colors I’m using and the added top coat to that as well. It’s very important to let that dry so it doesn’t pull the polish under when you remove the vinyl. So make sure you wait, trust me I learned the hard way; I like to wait at least 15 minutes.


After the polish has dried I used the daisy decals as stencils on my index and colored each flower with a different color and after I removed them I used the dotting tool and white polish to make the dot in the middle. To do the pinky I applied the bubble stencil and sponged the three colors over it to make the gradient. Last but not least the ring finger, for this I used the small whirlpool vinyls I placed one vinyl on each different color and then applied white polish over it. Oh and don’t forget the glitter accent, everything is better with a litter glitter.



If you would like to watch me make this design check out my Youtube video!



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    Thank you for having me! :)

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