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Yagala Features Snail Vinyls Stencil Variety Pack

We were so excited to work with the incredible Yagala over the past month.  She created some amazing designs using each of the Nail Stencils in our Best Selling Stencil Variety Pack that we have featured here- just in case you missed one!

Her first manicure featured our Staggered Chevron Nail Stencils. She gives great instructions on how to create a perfect holo gradient.  I love how she cut a single line of our Staggered Chevrons to create this arrow design.

Her second manicure used our Moroccan Nail Stencils.  In this tutorial she tests several black polishes to see which one was the most opaque and true black.  

Her third manicure used our Right Angle Nail Stencils in a creative way.  She used the inside thin single chevrons from the Right Angle Stencil to create her geometric design.  She uses the stencil itself on her thumb nail.

Her fourth manicure showed us an innovative way to use our Teardrop Nail Stencils by creating flower petals!

Her fifth and final manicure used our Zebra Nail Stencils, which she freehanded some flawless roses on:

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