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Mastering Nail Vinyl Peeling and Nail Stencil Weeding!

Ok, so you've taken your first baby step in the nail vinyl world and ordered your first set of vinyls.  Now what? You've already seen dozens of tutorials on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, BUT those ladies are professional nail artists and make everything look easy!  What's a beginner to do?  The Snail Vinyls Team is here to help, and we've put together some awesome tips and videos for you to master the vinyl technique.  Follow these quick tips and you'll be an expert in no time!

Here's the thing with vinyls - painting and peeling on and off the nail is easy, but what about getting 'em off the paper?!  This process is called weeding, and can be super hard if the shapes are itty-bitty, like our Teardrop Nail Stencils.  Never fear, vinyls tips and tricks are here!

Some vinyls and stencils are easier to weed than others, but some, particularly swirl nail vinyls and nail stencils with tiny shapes, can be a challenge. So we have put together a few tips to help you become a master nail artist! 

Lets get started with Nail Stencils!

Using Nail Stencils can kicks up your manicures to Nail Salon level, without the extra $20 fee.  However, many Stencils have small intricate designs and can give you a massive headache as you try for hours to poke out every single tiny diamond, heart or other shape!  

So here's our super nail tip #1:

Most of these interior shapes will come up when you lift the Stencil from the backing paper.  Always remember - going faster works best!  But even if you can take that stencil off at the speed of light, a few stubborn pieces will have refused to leave their stenciled-home.  So we came up with a new idea - re-stick that baby down and pull up again!  The perfect place to do this is the back of the vinyl sheet, of course!  Gifted Nails has mastered this fabulous vinyl hack and made this awesome tutorial - Press Play and check it out!


A video posted by Prarthana (@gifted_nails) on


Oh-La-La, that was fun to watch!  By flipping the backing paper over, pushing down the stencil, then pulling it up, the small shapes will stay put.  This is because the flip side of the backing paper has a rougher surface that the vinyl will adhere to and keep those little shapes planted firmly on the paper.  Thank you, thank you Gifted Nails!  Follow her on her Instagram account at Gifted Nails to see her brilliant nail art!

You now are a stencil-peeling vinyl master!  The more you do this, the easier it gets.  So don't be afraid to go on a peeling spree :)


It's time to get to know the Swirl Nail Vinyl Family (and their secrets)!

Swirls can be tricky to peel, but the results are so rewarding!  One of the best ideas we have seen comes from Uma's Nail Art.  For anyone who has ever worked with regular vinyl (i.e. car stickers and shirt vinyl), transfer paper is essential.  Uma uses tape to work as a 'transfer paper' and the result is a  super easy swirl transfer and a flawless design!  Check out her easy-to-follow video:

Volia!  One perfect mani, coming right up!  Use this awesome trick on every swirl in the world - never fear peeling again!  

You can see more Uma Nail Art on her Instagram, Blog, & YouTube accounts:

Uma's YouTube       Uma's Blog      Uma's Instagram


We hope this peeling page helped!

If you have any questionsor comments, feel free to post them below or email us at help@snailvinyls.com.  Thank you for reading!


- The Snail Vinyls Team


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