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Best Results for Nail Art Using Nail Vinyls and Nail Stencils (Nail Stickers)

If you are a beginner nail artist, using nail vinyls and nail stencils can be tricky and even downright frustrating! Here are a few tips that can ensure you will have a flawless manicure in no time!

1. Apply your background color.  You will usually want two coats to ensure complete coverage over your nails. Serendipity Nail Polish is an amazing opaque Indie nail polish that many of the best nail artists love and is now available on snailvinyls.com! 

2. Apply a Fast Drying top coat.  I can't stress this enough! If your base color isn't COMPLETELY dry, your nail vinyls or nail stencils will pull up your bottom coat of nail polish.  We love Seche Vite.  Check it out at http://www.seche.com.  We usually head out to our local Ulta Beauty supply store, but you can purchase Seche Vite online at http://www.ulta.com.  It is worth every penny and you will not believe how fast your nails dry! We wait 10-15 minutes.

3. Once you have a dry base color, it's time to place your nail vinyls or nail stencils (or nail decals/stickers if you are using them as stencils).  Using high quality nail vinyls (like our Snail Vinyls) will save you a lot of frustration when it comes to placement and clean results.  Make sure your vinyls are completely pushed down on all parts of your nails.  We will often use an orange stick to press the vinyls down around the cuticle.  You don't want any gaps whatsoever, because those gaps will bleed your top color polish and will prevent clean and crisp lines. Some nail artists will cut the borders of the nail vinyls or nail stencils to ensure proper placement.

4. There are several ways to go about applying your second polish color; applying as a regular polish, sponging on, or even using a dotting tool to apply.  If you are a beginner, sponging will get you excellent results.  

SPONGING- Take a makeup sponge (purchased at any drugstore) and apply your second color liberally to the sponge.  Next, sponge your color over your vinyl covered nail.  You can keep adding your top color to the sponge, and dabbing the sponge on your nails,  until you get the desired result.  Be sure to remove the vinyls BEFORE your second color dries.  This is critical, as if you wait too long, the vinyl will be stuck to your nail by the top polish.

APPLYING AS A REGULAR POLISH- If you have the hang of using nail vinyls, this is as simple as painting your bottom color.  Just paint over your nails with the vinyls placed.  Using a glitter or Holo polish achieves a wonderful effect and these polishes tend to dry quicker.  Remember, remove your nail vinyls or nail stencils as soon as you finish applying the second coat.  Do NOT allow that second color to dry before removing your vinyls.

USING A DOTTING TOOL- For more experienced nail artists (who perhaps want to add two or three additional colors on top of their base color) a dotting tool can be very useful.  This method is often used when applying Chevron Nail Vinyls. Once placing your vinyls, use a dotting tool (or small brush) and apply a color in between each chevron.  As you complete a line, pull up the preceding chevron.  This method is for more experienced nail artists, but can yield great results!

5. Apply a clear top coat. You will need to make sure your top color has dried for about 10 minutes so you do not smear it when you apply the top coat.  Again, we recommend Seche Vite or HK Girl, by Glisten and Glow, which is another nail artist favorite. HK Girl can be found at: http://glistenandglow.bigcartel.com

Happy Nail Art and good luck!!!

Your friends at Snail Vinyls

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