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Create the Perfect Manicure for your Thanksgiving Holiday!

A beautiful fall inspired manicure is a must as you get together with family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday! Use our Autumn Leaf Nail Stencils for the perfect, simple accent nail that will be sure to get noticed! Follow these easy steps:

First, paint your accent nail white.  Usually this will require two coats of polish.  We recommend OPI's Alpine Snow. Follow with a quick dry topcoat.  Our favorite is Seche Vite.  Let dry completely.  I usually wait 10 minutes after I apply my topcoat.

Next you can apply a product to protect your skin, like a liquid palisade such as the ones offered by Kiesque or Mini Mani Moo.  Good old Scotch Tape also works, or I like to use a makeup brush and dip it into nail polish remover once I am done to clean up any excess polish.

Next, place your Snail Vinyls Autumn Leaf Nail Stencil on your middle or ring finger depending on which one you would like to create your accent.  

You will want to make sure the stencil is placed down firmly, with no section sticking up off your nail so the polish won't run.  Many nail artists trim off the end or even cut the edges to ensure a perfect fit.   

Now apply your polish to a makeup sponge.  Here, we paint on a peach and an orange polish (French Kiss and Sunkissed by Ella + Mila are some of our favorites) to the sponge to create a gradient look.  Repeatedly dab the sponge over the stencil until you see no white polish. 

Once you are done applying the polish, immediately remove the stencil with tweezers.  You do not want to allow it to dry because the stencil will not come up, or it could pull up some of the white base color. 

Once you remove the stencil, allow the polish to dry for 2-3 minutes.  Then apply your quick drying topcoat.  If you used a skin protector, remove it as well.

Finally, take your peach polish (Ella + Mila's French Kiss) and paint your pinkie and pointer fingers.  Paint your ring finger and your thumb nail gold (we love Essie's Getting Groovy).

Voila! You have created a beautiful, party worthy manicure!

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