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Create the Perfect Winter Manicure Using Nail Vinyls

Winter weather is on its way, so why not dress up those nails without spending a fortune!  Here is a step by step guide to make your manicure pop!

First, start by applying a cuticle protector like "Mess No More". Next, choose a light blue nail polish color and paint all of your nails with one coat.  We like Ella + Mila's "My Baby Blue".  Allow to dry for 5-10 minutes.  

Next take a makeup sponge, found at your local drugstore, and paint on both your light blue and a dark blue (like OPI's "Indignantly Indigo") colors next to one another. Dab the makeup sponge on your nails until you have a gradient look.  

Follow with a clear sparkle polish.  This will blend your gradient while adding a snow-like sparkle.  

Finally, top with a quick dry top coat and allow to dry for at least 20 minutes.  Our absolute favorite is "Seche Vite" Dry Fast Top Coat.

Once all of your nails are COMPLETELY dry, carefully place your Snowflake and Penguin Nail Decals on your nails.  You will use these as stencils to apply your own polish.  Be sure no edges are popping up so your polish maintains the perfect stencil pattern.

Now, use a good white polish like OPI's Alpine Snow to fill in the stencils.

Carefully peel off the stencils.

Using your white polish, carefully paint the tip of your nail to create the appearance of snow.

Repeat on all of your nails.  

Enjoy your amazing Winter Manicure and all of the compliments that will be coming your way!


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