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Guest Post by 25 Sweetpeas: St. Patrick's Day Manicure Tutorial

25 Sweetpeas shows us how to create an adorable St. Patrick's Day manicure using Snail Vinyls nail stencils and decals and Serendipity Nail polish!


Hello there everyone, I am 25 Sweetpeas and I'm so excited about being able to guest post over here today! Since St. Patricks Day is getting close, and Snail Vinyls has some awesome new vinyls out for the holiday I thought it would be fun to create a mani for the occasion.

Here is a look at the mani I will be showing you all how to create today! I am really enjoying how it all came together. So that being said lets look at what we will need!

What You Need:

Your Choice of Base and a Fast Dry top coat! -- The fast dry top coat is very important when using vinyls! :) I personally have found Seche Vite to work the best for me

Gold Polish - Serendipity Nail Polish Glitzy Gold Champagne

Blue Polish - Serendipity Nail Polish Vitamin Sea

Green Polish - Serendipity Nail Polish Cash Flow Queen

Gold Glitter Polish - Serendipity Nail Polish Sunshine Rainbow

Clover Nail Stencil

Clover Nail Decal

Rainbow Nail Stencil

Your Choice of Rainbow Paint for filling in the vinyl, plus a white for the clouds. ( I used Acrylic paint).

Dotter tool or small paint brush for filling in rainbow and painting the clouds.

1. After you have put on your base coat it's time to apply your colors. You want 3 of your nails gold, and one blue like pictured above. Once that is done its time to apply your quick dry top coat, and let dry.

2. Once your top coat has dried it is time to apply your rainbow vinyl.

3. Fill in your rainbow vinyl. Since I am doing each a different color I found it best to use a small dotter to apply the individual colors.

4. Now once you remove your vinyl you can either leave it as is, or you can use the "blue space" and apply black to give the stripes an outline.

5. Now grab you white paint and your dotter and make some little clouds in the background. Then just apply some bigger white dots at the end of your rainbow at the tip of your nail. This gives you a cloud look.

6. Now that our rainbow nail is done, it is time to apply our gold Clover Nail Stencil to our index and pinkie fingers. Once you have them applied, go in with your green polish and paint over your vinyl with the green.

7. Now after you peel off the vinyl from your full shamrock nail take an individual clover decal vinyl and center it on your ring finger nail like pictured. Then go over with the same green you used in Step 6. After you are then done with that peel off your vinyl.

8. This step is optional, but its a good one! Here I just added a little bit of glitter to my ring finger.

9. Lastly apply your favorite top coat! Now you are all done and have some fun cute St. Patrick's Day nails!

Here is the final look once again! All of the polishes and vinyls I used are up and available here on Snail Vinyls' site! So be sure to check them out! I believe you can even get the green, gold , and the shamrock vinyl all in a fun set. :) Well that is it for today, I hope you all have enjoyed today's post. Thanks so much to Aveline for having me it was so much fun!

Happy Painting!

25 Sweetpeas

Thank you so much 25 Sweetpeas! What an amazing manicure! Be sure to click the link above or go to 25sweetpeas.com to check out 25 Sweetpea's Blog- it is fabulous!


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