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How to Create a Beautiful Gradient Valentine's Manicure

Create a beautiful gradient Valentine's Day manicure with Snail Vinyls nail stencils by following these easy step by step instructions.

First, select your nail polish.  We like Serendipity Nail Polish- Summer Sunnies, Pink Poinsettia and Big Red Bow for our gradient and Starfish Tree Topper for our Gold Accent color.


Paint two coats of your light pink polish and allow to dry.  Add a cuticle protector like "Mess No More" if you prefer.


Next, using a make-up sponge found at your local drugstore, paint your pink, then hot pink, then red polishes next to one another on your sponge.  Dab the sponge over your nails until you get the desired effect- and don't worry, your top coat will blend the colors for you.


Use a fast drying top coat like Seche Vite over all nails and allow to dry for 10 minutes.

Next you will place your Snail Vinyls Heart Nail Stencils over your nail to create your accent.  Be sure they are completely pushed down to prevent and 'bleeding' of your gold nail polish.                         


Carefully paint your gold polish over the line of hearts on your stencil.

Repeat on all fingers you wish to accent.  Allow to dry for approximately 15 minutes before you apply an additional coat of your clear, fast-dry top coat.

Enjoy your beautiful manicure and all of the compliments!


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