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How to Create an Adorable Spooky Leaf Ghost Manicure

Our friend Hanna, aka @Hanninator, showed us how to create these adorable spooky leaf nails in a few easy steps.

Here are the items Hanna used to create her fun manicure:

ÜberChic Beauty Über mat

Snail Vinyls Autumn Leaf Nail Stencils

OPI Infinite Shine Alpine Snow

OPI Infinite Shine Lady in Black

OPI Top coat (to make the decal)

SuperChic Laquer Liquid Macro top coat

OPI Matte top coat

Dotting tool, like our "Lots of Dots" tool

Angled cleanup brush, like our Pro Angular Clean-Up Brush

Tweezers and scissors


First, paint all of your nails with an opaque, true black polish.  Allow to dry, then use your Liquid Macro Topcoat on all of your nails as well.  Allow to dry 10-15 minutes.

Now, Place your Autumn Leaf nail stencil on your ÜberChic Beauty Über mat.

Next, paint a reasonably thick coat of white polish over all of the leaves within your stencil.

Peel your stencil up while your polish is still wet, then allow to dry 10-15 minutes.  Now place a large drop of black nail polish on your mat, or another surface so you can dab your dotting tool in it.  Carefully dab your dotting tool into the black polish so a very small amount adheres to your tool. You will be making two eyes and a mouth with your tool as seen below:

Allow to dry for an additional 10-15 minutes.  Once dry, generously paint over your design with your OPI Top Coat like so:

Allow your homemade decal to dry completely.  Using a tweezer, gently peel up your decal and place in over your painted nail.  

Now, carefully press down the decal and trim the edges.

Dip your clean up brush into some nail polish remover and clean off any rough edges with your brush.

Finally, use your matte top coat and polish over all of your nails.  Enjoy your spooky, adorable leaf ghosts!

For more great nail tips and manicure advice, check out Hanna's blog at hanninator.com


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