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How to Create an Easy & Gorgeous Fall Pumpkin Manicure using Nail Vinyls

Creating a fun, Autumn manicure doesn't need to take hours.  Follow these easy steps to achieve a salon worthy look on your nails!

What you will need:

A peach, coral or light orange nail polish.  Try China Glaze's Sun of a Peach, found at sallybeauty.com 

A white, opaque nail polish.  We love OPI's Alpine Snow

A gold nail polish.  We love Serendipity's Glitzy Gold Champagne available at snailvinyls.com

A black nail polish

A quick drying top coat like Seche Vite available at Walmart, Ulta, Amazon.com

Straight Nail Vinyls- to create perfect straight lines

Pumpkin Nail Decals

A dotting tool- try our Mitty Lots of Dots Nail Art Dotting Tool

If you're feeling extra creative, you'll also need:

Acrylic paint or polish in light green, dark orange and brown

A fine Nail Art brush like the Mitty Candy 00 to give your pumpkin details


Start by painting your thumb, pointer and pinky fingers light orange.  Paint your ring finger gold and your middle finger white. Use two coats of nail polish on all of your nails.  Wait about five minutes, then apply your quick drying top coat.  Wait an additional 10-15 minutes to ensure all nails are completely dry.  Note: If your polish is not 100% dry, your nail vinyls will pull up your polish from your nail!  

Now, securely and evenly place your Straight Nail Vinyls over your white polished nail.  Make sure they are stuck down on all edges or your top polish can bleed under the vinyls.  


Next, liberally polish over your nail with gold polish.  Be sure you can no longer see any white polish.  Immediately (and slowly) peel off your straight nail vinyls one at a time.


Once all of the nail vinyls have been removed, allow nail to dry for 5-10 minutes.  Now use an additional coat of quick drying topcoat and allow your striped nail to dry for at least 10 minutes more.  


Now take one of your Pumpkin Stencils and remove the inner Decal.  This can be used as a nail sticker when you want to create a quicker, fall manicure. Securely place the stencil at the end and off to the side of your striped nail.

Take a paper plate or other piece of cardboard and put some drops of your black polish on it.  Using your light orange polish, paint over the pumpkin stencil, avoiding the stem. Now, take your dotting tool and dab it in the black polish.  Dot over your stem to ensure it is black.  Finally, peel off your pumpkin stencil.

Allow pumpkin to dry for 10-15 minutes.  If you are feeling fancy or creative, place a small amount of green, white, and darker orange nail polish or acrylic paint onto your paper plate.  Use your Detail Nail Art Brush to embellish your pumpkin. 

Finish nail by painting one final coat of Seche Vite over your design.  

Stand back and enjoy your amazing fall manicure.  We guarantee you will get tons of compliments!



Your friends at Snail Vinyls 


*Special thanks to @liliumzz for these amazing pictures*

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