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How to Create Reverse Accent Autumn Leaf Nails for your Fall Manicure using Nail Art Stencils

Creating a stunning Autumn manicure is easier than you think.  This beautiful copper and cream polish manicure can be created quickly and easily.

What you will need:

A Cream or Ivory colored nail polish

Copper or Bronze colored nail polish

A coat quick drying top coat

2 Snail Vinyls Autumn Leaf Nail Stencils

1 Drug Store makeup Sponge

First, paint your pinky and middle fingers with an opaque cream colored polish.  You will most likely need two coats.

Second, paint your thumb, pointer and ring fingers with two coats of your favorite copper colored polish.  Dazzling Sparklers by Serendipity Nail Polish has a great deep bronze hue.

Third, use a quick drying top coat, like Seche Vite, on all of your nails.  Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes.  You want your nails COMPLETELY dry, or your stencils will pull up your base polish.

Now, 'weed' your Autumn Leaf Nail Stencils.  This can quickly be achieved by pulling up the stencil from the backing paper.  If there are any leaves remaining, flip your backing paper and stick your stencil down on the sheet.  Pull up, and any remaining leaves will be left on the paper. You can also use an orange stick or dotting tool to hold down any leaves that come up with the stencil.

Securely place your stencils down on your middle and ring finger.  Be sure every edge is completely pushed down in order to achieve perfect lines and avoid any "bleeding" of your nail polish.

Take your cream polish and liberally paint over the stencil on your copper colored nail.  The polish should be reasonably thick and opaque.  Now, slowly and carefully peel up your nail stencil.  Do NOT wait for the polish to dry as this can stick the stencil to your nail permanently.  Allow this nail to dry for about 10-15 minutes.  

Take your copper polish and paint it onto one side of your makeup sponge.  Your want to put a good amount of posh down on the sponge.  Now, dab the sponge over your remaining stencil on your cream colored nail until you can no longer see any cream polish on your leaves.  you may need to apply more polish to your sponge to achieve this effect.  Carefully peel up your stencil. Allow to dry for about 10 minutes.


Finally, use an additional coat of quick drying top coat over your two stenciled nails.

Voila! A perfect Autumn manicure that looks like you spent hours in the salon!

Happy Nail Art!


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*Special thanks to @liliumzz for these amazing pictures*

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