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How to Create a Beautiful Autumn Leaf Manicure using Snail Vinyls Nail Stencils



Autumn is right around the corner! The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are starting to change color so that means it's time to create some fall inspired manicures.  One of our favorite nail artists, Liliumzz, has created a beautiful Fall look with our Autumn Leaf Nail Stencils that will be sure to get your nails noticed!

You will need several polishes to create this fabulous manicure, along with a sponge and one Autumn Leaf Nail Stencil.

Start by polishing your pinky finger, pointer finger and thumb with an opaque, peach colored polish.  We recommend two coats of "French Kiss" by ella+mila.  Next, paint your ring finger with two coats of your favorite gold polish.  We love Serendipity's "Glitzy Gold Champagne" nail polish, which is available on snailvinyls.com.  Finally, paint your middle finger with two coats of an opaque white polish.  Our favorite is "Alpine Snow" by OPI.  Now use a fast drying top coat over all nails.  We love "Seche Vite" and go through gallons of it! You can get a great price at Walmart, just follow the hyperlink.

Allow nails to dry for a good 10 minutes to ensure your stencil will not pull up any of your polish in the next step.







Use a cuticle protector (liquid nail tape) to ensure no polish ends up on your skin.  We like "Mess No More!" by Mini Mani Moo, which is also available on snailvinyls.com.

Now place your Autumn Leaf Nail Stencil on your nail.  Be sure it is securely pushed down on all of the edges to prevent any bleeding of color.


Now use a square edge makeup sponge, available at Amazon, Target, or any drugstore and place drops of your peach nail polish along with drops of an orange polish along one surface until there is no white left on the side of your sponge.  For our orange polish, we've picked "Cause I'm Happy" by ella+mila for its bright, pretty hue. Dab the sponge over your stenciled nail until no white remains within the leaf shapes.


Immediately (and slowly and carefully) peel the stencil off of your nail.  You do not want the polish to dry because this can adhere the stencil to your nail. Allow to dry for at least ten minutes.  Finally, use a coat of Seche Vite, or other quick drying topcoat, over your Autumn Leaf design nail.

Now you are ready to head out and show off your amazing manicure!

Have fun and happy nail art!


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*Special thanks to @liliumzz for these amazing pictures*



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