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Meet Roxie, CEO and Creator of Serendipity Nail Polish

Hello Everyone!

My name is Roxie and I’m the CEO of Serendipity Nail Polish. I was very excited when Aveline asked me to write a post for her blog. It’s such a great way to introduce myself to those of you who have never heard of me or my brand.

Serendipity Nail Polish launched in November 2015 and we started with our Coastal Christmas Collection. Being a brand based in Orange County California we thought it would be great to start off with a Christmas beach theme. We included names like ‘Starfish Tree Topper’ (my all-time favorite polish which I’m wearing right now) and ‘Peace Love & Sandy Feet’.  Here's a picture of my first collection:

My favorite part of owning a nail polish brand is designing colors and creating names for the collections we release. I love creating names that empower women like ‘Get It Girl’, ‘GRL PWR’, ‘I Close Deals In Heels’ and I also love creating cute names like ‘Summer Sunnies’, ‘Party Crown’ and 'Big Red Bow'.

I find inspiration everywhere and I try to incorporate the things that I love and feel like other women can relate to as well. For example, I love having a glass of red wine (or two) so I named my burgundy nail polish ‘Less Whine, More Wine!’ because why not, right?

Our Summer 2017 collection will be based on an Orange County Summer so I named each polish as a different activity that I enjoy doing during the Summertime. We are very excited to release it in May. So, stay tuned!

Besides creating cute and empowering names for our nail polishes, we also have an important goal to educate others on how important it is to use a non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan brand. We are huge animal lovers and we try to do our part to save them from being tested on.

By being a brand that is certified by Leaping Bunny and Truly Cruelty Free we are demonstrating that it is possible to have a great and safe nail polish formula without having to hurt any animals.

It is also important to us to have a safe formula for humans as well. Our formula is proudly 7-Free and does not include: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Camphor, Xylene, TPHP and DBP which can all cause serious health problems when exposed to for long periods of time.

I love interacting with all our followers so make sure to tune in to our live videos on Instagram @SerendipityPolish and come watch me attempt to do nail art. I promise it’s very entertaining especially when it’s a big nail vinyl disaster, but hey I’m human too you know.

Thanks again Aveline for letting me be part of your blog and I’m so excited to continue collaborating!

With Love,



  • Posted by 25 Sweetpeas on

    Love Serendipity, Roxie is the sweetest! That first collection was/is probably my favorite Christmas collection EVER! The names were perfect!!! Now I am super excited to see the Summer 2017 collection and read the names!

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