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Lieschen Irizarry

Age – 26

Birthplace – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Career/Profession – Full time student; serves in the National Guard



How long have you been doing your nails?

I think I started painting my nails in 2013; I realized I bit my nails too much and wanted to have cute designs, but couldn’t because they were too short!   The solution – Polish!

What is your favorite brand of nail polish? Topcoat?

I love Indies, especially Charlie's Rad Lacquer, Ilyrian Polish, and Polish Me Silly.   My favorite mainstreams are Color Club Halo Hues Collection, Bettina, and China Glaze.

My favorite topcoat is HK Girl from Glisten & Glow, and Seche Vite.

What is your nail care routine?

My nail care routine is simple: Try to avoid breaking any nails, haha!   I take vitamins, apply cuticle balm every night, and remove my cuticles.

Do you prefer Glossy or Matte? Holo or No-Holo?

I like both Matte and Glossy, depends on which one will look better with the design :)

Holo definitely.   I want all the holos!

Favorite Polish Colors?

I like Neons and Bright Blues!



TV Shows → Cupcake Wars (It inspired me to make my name (SprinkleNails) because of cupcake sprinkles!), The Vampire DiariesIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Movies → My favorite movie is 28 Days Later, yes I love zombie apocalyptic movies! I also love World War Z and I am Legend.

Song → Current favorite song is Shot (Broiler Remix) by Imagine Dragons. I also like I know, I know, I know, from Tegan & Sara

Music Artist → Bjork, Tegan & Sara, Lana del Rey and System of a Down

Book → Hunger Games

Actress → Emmy Rossum

Actor → Johnny Depp

Animal → Dolphins

Hobbies → Running, tennis, kayaking, and movie nights with friends!

Food → Sushi, pizza, and CUPCAKES!

Dream Vacation?

A good beach and Miami Vices

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud I made it through Basic Combat Training and that I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree.